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Kansas not 'flat and boring.'

(The following letter was written to free-lance writer/reviewer Mark Clark, in care of this newspaper.)

You have apparently never been to Kansas. After returning from there, two weeks ago, it is anything but flat and boring. So goes, with your "flat and boring,"review of the rock group Kansas!

After reading your review [LMN, July 1995], you apparently don't have much experience, reviewing albums. The new Kansas album "Freaks of Nature" has been the best album I have listened to this year. Maybe, you should play the album again and this time, LISTEN!

Steve Coffey (With the letter, Coffey enclosed his own personal review of Freaks of Nature. Space considerations do not allow running it here, but needless to say it was a very positive assessment.

In his P.S., Coffey stated, "Kansas is indeed back," and in his complimentary close described himself as a "fellow freak of nature." — Editor.)