tuneful tossed salad

All in the Mind (Henry St. /Big Beat)
The Bucketheads

By Kory Wilcoxson

"When I was young, funky wasn't about music, funky was just plain funky," says Redd Foxx in a sound bite on The Bucketheads' All in the Mind. "Funky was grandma's bloomers."

Welcome to the 90s, Redd, where the definition of funky is based more on a state of mind than octogenarian underwear. The Bucketheads tap into that state of mind and lay their fingers on funky's pulse for All in the Mind, a collection of high-powered dance music that is unrelenting in its full-force funky assault.

The opening track, "The Bomb," is dropped with much precision by mastermind Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez, who draws together a multiplicity of sounds to create a musical collage. Similarly, Gonzalez calls upon everything from Old School R&B ("Got Myself Together") to Eurotrash technobeats ("Time and Space") to concoct the ten tracks. It is the tossed salad approach to making dance music, and The Bucketheads do it with style.