Newsical Notes

By Jean Metcalfe

Mike Boehnlein passed along the news that HeRose Records artist Ruthi plans to cut "Jesus Did It All for Me," a song written by Jerry Massingille that is in Mike's Believer's Choice publishing company. HeRose, located in Easley, S.C., plans a January release.

Mike and his business partner, fellow LASC board member Jack Roberts, recently cut a demo tape at Studio 2002 of another song in their catalog. Mike thoroughly enjoys being in the studio and he and Jack were there when the demo of "I Went Down a Sinner and Came Up a Winner" was made. I got a listen to the finished product and it sounds mighty good to me. Who knows, Mike and Jack, today Studio 2002, tomorrow the stage of the NQC.

My apologies to Mike, who is currently the vice-president of the LASC, for an error in the mailing that was recently sent to all members. On the merchandise order blank, the caption under the photograph incorrectly identified your loyal scribe as the LASC vice-president.

While the error was not mine (it was grievously committed by the preparer of the brochure, President for Life Paul Moffett, who also took the photograph) I must confess that this proofreader overlooked it. And to be honest, I missed it was because I forgot that I wasn't still the vice-president. Fie!

On a sad note, Mike's father, Charles "Bud" Boehnlein Sr., passed away on Nov. 18 after a lengthy illness. Our thoughts are with the Boehnlein family at this difficult time.

Honorary Lifetime Member Alan Rhody introduced his new album, From a Real Good Home, at The Rud on the evening of Nov. 24. He brought along a couple of sidemen, and it was their first gig together. They didn't yet have a name; Alan said that a band doesn't take a name until they get a second gig.) Members of Alan's family were also in the audience and helped draw for and present free copies of the new album. Daughter Heidi was on the door and Alan's wife, Kathy, smiled proudly as she listened to his cover of Bob Dylan's "Leopard-Skin-Pill-Box Hat," while sporting a head covering of the same description.

Mine was a short-but-sweet stay at the party, as the next morning would be the dreaded deadline Saturday. My spouse reluctantly agreed to to take me home at midnight, but he kept wanting to stay for two or three more. "They're just starting to get hot," he said after their rousing rendition of "Mule Skinner Blues."

Check out the review of From a Real Good Home elsewhere in this newspaper.

My spies told me that CPA Wally Stewart stayed at Alan's party until the last song was sung. Not surprising.(Check out Wally's account of the party in this issue.)

The Certified Party Animal was just recently in Nashville to meet friends from Colorado, who were in Music City for a showcase performance by a couple of them. Wally later accompanied the friends to the office of a local producer, which he said was quite an interesting experience. Perhaps even more interesting — but most certainly enjoyable — for Wally was eventually getting to dance with all three women in the group at the Wildhorse Saloon.

Fortunately for the friends, they stuck around Nashville after Wally had left, and just happened to run into Garth Brooks at a local boot store. They related that The Garth Man was very cordial, and provided his card, autographs, and a bit of conversation.

Mary Helen Mares, of Metairie, La., sent the LASC a very nice letter on Oct. 23 and shared the following good news:

She and Valerie Daly had just signed a contract with Chestnut Mount Music Group in Nashville for their first Christian song, "Jesus Will You Take My Hand."

Mary Helen says that CMMG is a major publisher of gospel and that they are very excited. The song was a finalist in our Songwriting Competition'95. Good luck in the final round of judging, Mary Heien and Valerie. And congrats!

Dwight Smlth, LASC member from Independence, Ky., sent a nice note of thanks to Prez Paul and the LASC "for the showcase opportunity on November 2 with Jeff [Poole] and Ralph [Sldway]. Dwight will be at the Austin (Texas) Songwriter Group's seminar the first three days of December and will be unable to attend our Contest Awards / Tenth Anniversary / Christmas Party at The Rud (Dec. 2, from 2 to 5 p.m.) Too bad. Dwight has some very entertaining originals that he would probably have done for us.

"Happy Holidays, etc." he concluded.

And a very happy holiday season to Dwight and to all of our readers. We look forward to seeing many of you on Dec. 2.