now for something completely silly

Ages 3 and Up (Amphetamine Reptile)


By Kory Wilcoxson

Imagine a less mature and much weirder Green Day (I know it's hard, but try). If you conjure up an image, it probably looks something like Supernova.

This trio (Art, Dave and Jo) take poppy punk to the pinnacle, cramming 20 songs into 36 minutes on Ages 3 and Up. All the songs are filled with punchy riffs and silly lyrics, but they stick with you because they are not long enough for you to dislike.

Some of them, like "Best Coat" and "Vitamins" are actually funny, and there are few better choruses than "Loving you is like being in math class" on "Math."

So what's the problem? At times Supernova takes silliness way too far, and even the shortest of songs cannot end fast enough if they just do not work. When they click, Supernova emulates the greatest amusement park rides: fast, thrilling and over before you get sick.