Local Releases

Dave Cole True Stories

Format: cassette.

Availability: In Bloomington, Ind., at Tracks, Streetside Records, Morganstern's Books, Waldron Art Center Gift Shop, Roadworthy Guitar, and from the artist.

Info: 812-279-4039.

Steve Fish and Bobby Brooks Celestial Journeys

Label: Fish N' Brooks Records.

Format: cassette (CD planned).

Availability: Louisville Science Center; Hawley Cooke, ear X-tacy, Disc Jockey, Waves Music.

Info: 502-458-5709.

Lug Nut & the Spare Tires Back to the Past Lane*

Label: Chey-Town Records.

Format: CD.

Availability: Better Days, ear X-tacy, Mark Gibbs.

Info: 502-366-2379.

*Contains 2 songs written by Louisvillian Mark Gibbs.

Voodoo Love Taxi Where's Your Soul?

Format: CD.

Availability: ear-X-tacy, Better Days, Camelot, artist's performances.

Info: 502-636-2110.

(Corrected listing)

Patrick Moore Alternatives to Violence

Format: CD, cassette.

Availability: Ear X-tacy, Hawley-Cooke, Disc Jockey Records, Blue Moon, performances.

Info: 812-949-1290.


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