mindlessly provocative

Voodoo-U (American Recordings)

Lords of Acid

By Kory Wilcoxson

Well now, here's something a little bit off the beaten path. Voodoo U will leave an impression, either from the breakneck dance music or the type of pornographic cover art that could poke someone's eye out.

Everything on Voodoo U is done at warp speed and by synthesizers and not much changes from song to song except for the meaningless lyrics.

And let's look at those, shall we? "The Crab Louse" is about having crabs. "Young Boys" is about seducing minors. And I'll leave "Dirty Willy" and "Drink My Honey" to your imagination.

In all fairness, Voodoo U is not the type of album to be listened to on a car trip. It's simply fodder for the dance floor and it serves that purpose. Just move your feet and close your ears.