A Look Back at Hit Makers '94


DO YOU PEOPLE KNOW WHAT PUBLISHING MEANS?: Louisville Musicians Union President Rocky Adcock cut to the chase on the subject of publishing and publishers.
TAIL DRAGGlN'?: Kentucky HeadHunters hot guitarist Greg Martin (at left) kept his promise to be a panelist early Saturday morning even though he had been out late Friday night, playing with the bluesy rock band Taildragger at Butchertown Pub. Thanks a bunch, Greg! Bill Porter, legendary sound engineer (Elvis, Everly Brothers, Roy, Orbison, et al.) and owner ot Captain Audio Productions, sipped water between questions.
U of L Music School's gifted John LaBarbera gave his views on the subject of copyright and other oft-asked questions. And with his credentials, we listened!
Sheila Price sought songwriting advice from an expert, James Dean Hicks, who wrote "Jesus and Mama," while Paul Moffett looked on.
Music Man Productions owner Charlie "Pitch It Till Your Arm Falls Off" Walls found a spot at the end of the panelists' table and contemplated where to display his nameplate.