Letter to the Editor

Was Foghat concert bad or just ignored?

As a/regular reader of LMN and an old fan of Foghat, I want to thank you for the shadowy photo of Dave Peverritt (sic) at the Toy Tiger in November. I'd purchased the new Foghat CD in late October and didn't learn of their Louisville show until the day before it happened and couldn't make arrangements to go. I'm frustrated at not reading a review of the show anywhere. Was it that bad or just ignored for the most part? I know they have their shortcomings but Foghat is still a fun band and if you know of anyone who went to the Toy Tiger for their concert, as I would really like to have, please let me know or have them mail me a review or at least a facsimile. Thank you.

Whatever happened to "Tuned Up"?

Dave Lilly

Clarksville, IN 47129

P. S. Merry Christmas

(Happy to know you're a regular reader. Sorry the photo was shadowy and that we didn't have a review. but by now you should have received a copy of a brief concert deseription provided by photographer Robin Alecia Roth.

Don't know what happened to "Tuned Up." Probably something that's going around.

P. S. Happy New Year! — Editor. )