With a Little Help from My Friends

By Paul Moffett

Got some free time? Like to hang around with musicians? Then MERF, the Musicians Emergency Relief Fund, needs you to help out on their board.

Members of the Board of Directors of MERF serve as the de facto staff of the organization. Most of the work of MERF, aside from the Community Show, is done in monthly meetings, when requests for help are considered.

"Putting beans on the table" has always been what MERF does for musicians down on their luck. An entirely volunteer organization, MERF raises money the o1d-fashioned way, by promoting shows, with music provided for free by local and, occasionally, national acts. MERF volunteers handle the many aspects of promoting and staging the event.

Board elections are set for Tuesday, January 10, at 5:30 p. m. The election will be held at Clifton's Pizza. 2226 Frankfort Ave.

Scoot on down and get involved. You get to listen to a lot of music in the bargain.