Jubilee Benefits Ailing Christian Rocker

By Robert Gruber

Jubilee Coffeehouse, a Christian nightspot in the Highlands, is having a "Jubilee Jam" benefit for Christian rock pioneer Larry Norman. Norman suffered a massive heart attack in 1992 and since then has been woefully short of funds necessary to provide surgery for a defibrilator. Despite his weakened condition, Norman continues to tour, playing the occasional acoustic show to help raise money for his operation. His most recent appearance was in April at Lighthouse Christian Center.

Larry Norman is considered the "godfather" of the contemporary Christian music scene. He was a key figure in the Jesus People movement of the late '60s and early '70s and has recorded many classic albums (some for major labels such as Capitol and MGM), including Only Visiting This Planet and In Another Land.

Norman continues to be a vital part of Christian music, in spite of his illness, releasing albums on his own label, Phydeaux Records.

The Jubilee benefit will be held on Saturday, July 15, starting at 8 p. m. and, will feature performances of Larry Norman songs by such local talent as Chuck Jeter, Omega Highway, Slamtrance, Sticks and Stones, Gary Spears and others. Jubilee Coffeehouse is located at 1765 Bardstown Road, near Speed Ave.

All proceeds from the show will be sent to the Larry Norman Medical Trust Fund.

Additional performances at Jubilee Coffeehouse in July include: July 1, Sozo; July 7, Glenn Rowlands; July 8, Bliss Bliss; July 22, Eternal Reign; July 29, Sacred Project and Sticks & Stones.