Earl's Pearls
By Earl Meyers

She's as sweet and down-home as she can be. Loretta Lynn was presented the Pioneer Award on the 30th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards Show on NBC, May 10, for all that she's accomplished in her songwriting and singing in what was a male-dominated industry when she began.

I had a fun experience sharing a local high school stage singing with one of Loretta's biggest fans, Sonny Hubbs, in 1984. She was Sonny's favorite entertainer and when he talked about her it was with a kind of reverence. She definitely touched him with her songs.

Her humble sincerity takes me back to the movie "Coal Miner's Daughter." Dozens of gold records, awards and millions of dollars still appear to be secondary to her (as it should be) as it appeared to be to her from the beginning. Loretta was concerned about her husband, Doo, who was in the hospital during the awards show. Doo, as always, urged her to be in the presence of her peers and fans, but she was more concerned about him than accepting the prestigious award.

All I can say is Loretta is genuine and true to herself and, as Sonny would say, "She's a real lady."