great voice, heartfelt music

Standing On The Edge (Patriot Records)
John Berry

By Michael W. Stout.

It is such a rare occurrence to hear a voice that is so very powerful, passionate and genuinely sincere in every note sung, one that will have you laughing with one breath and crying with the very next. Standing On The Edge is further affirmation that newcomer John Berry is one of the elite few who possesses this rare talent. It is this talent that has already begun forecasting a long and lasting career in country music for Berry.

"There's No Cross That Love Won't Bear" is by far the most brilliant and radiant gem in this bright and shining crown, decorated with an array of eleven musical gems. This story has been told time and again, but never more sincerely or as genuine. Berry is no stranger to trials and tribulations; in 1994 Berry was faced with brain surgery and the death of his father. He also enjoyed the success of his first number one single, "Your Love Amazes Me." Love has born many a cross for Berry.

Berry takes the listener to the opposite end of the musical spectrum with the uptempo "Ninety Miles An Hour" and swings back to mid-spectrum with "Standing On The Edge Of Goodbye." Regardless of the tempo, the melody, or the lyric, John Berry takes his sweet voice and wraps it around every note as snug as a hand in a glove. This album is a sure hit because it makes you forget your problems, taking you to another world, leaving you Standing On The Edge. After all, isn't that what music is all about?