Appreciates sponsorship of Otter Creek festival Just a note of thanks for helping to sponsor Otter Creek's Bluegrass Festival

Letters To The Editor

Appreciates sponsorship of Otter Creek festival

Just a note of thanks for helping to sponsor Otter Creek s Bluegrass Festival last weekend [May 26-28]. Everyone enjoyed it due to the great organization and Otter Creek's staff.

The festival is a family-fun and -safe event to attend. I hope your business will continue to sponsor this great bluegrass festival.


Barbara Gilbert

Greenville, IN 47124

Needs fairness, not benefit.

Normally I would not write a letter stating how I feel about something I've been doing all my life, but recent things that have been going down in the Louisville music scene or blues scene have gotten me worked up.

1. I thought music was about bringing people together.

2. No artist should paint with one color.

You have to have more than one color for things to show up. Even with black and white.

Whatever happened to variety? I'm not trying to knock anyone, but if you don't play blues, country or alternative, you don't t play. I wonder, do white people like the local blues because there aren't any blacks playing it or not that many? When I started playing guitar as a child, playing blues was the kiss of death. I left New York when agents told me I needed whites in my band so I could get booked.

I've been playing in Louisville for about one year. People who hear my band seem to love it. But it seems now there is something I can't put my finger on where I'm getting screwed. I go out to hear bands all the time. Some of these bands should not be out of the basement They are phony. People should go out and hear good music, with heart. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.

Any man, woman or band deserves to develop their skills. We need help from the people and club owners to do so. Let the chips fall where they may. I've played with some of the best in the world. They told me not to give up. Now I'm getting the blues for real.

I've seen benefits for people who got sick or got robbed. Well, I'm sick and I've been robbed. I don't need a benefit, just fairness.

I have a lot more to say but I won t/get into it now.

Thank you.

Dennis Ervin of the Dennis Ervin Band

(not blues band, not rock band, not country band, not jazz band, not pop band, just band that plays party music for everybody, not just one.)

Louisville, KY 40211

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