Scene Report: All Ages

By Duncan Barlow

Ahh, the fresh-smelling air of Freedom; summer has almost stumbled upon us. And Louisvillians realize that it will probably be a summer of feast or famine.

The month of May started off well with a free concert at the freshly established Ground Zero, a punk and alternative record store located on Bardstown Rd. Hedge played in the basement, following an acoustic performance by the singer of Hedge and the singer of Kinghorse, also known as Rat. Hedge played a tight set, as usual, but I never really braved the rapids. I sat outside the door where I could hear them, but didn't have to suffer from the tinnitus.

Later that night Avail headlined a show at the Grand. Amaroq opened the show with a good set. The band seemed a little off guard by the large stage, but I think they should have realized its size before they agreed to play. Nonetheless they played their predictably good show. Hose Got Cable followed with an extremely creative set. At first I thought they were a bit obnoxious, but within two songs I began to appreciate their music. Avail was the final band of the evening and I will have to admit that I wasn't overly impressed. This is the problem with Avail; when you have seen them so many times you realize that there are never great Avail shows, nor are there bad Avail shows. There are just Avail shows. I do enjoy seeing Avail; they could cure the most villainous of moods.

The Metroschifter has been playing around quite a bit lately, with various drummers. Keep an eye out for their summer tour. Both Metroschifter and Guilt are traveling to Chicago to record for new albums. Guilt's new record will be released in July, while the band is on tour.

There were quite a few shows on Derby, but Guilt was playing and I could not move around town and check the other shows out.

The show at Wenzel did not tum out quite as well as expected, but they might try again.

The final show of the month was at the Brewery and it ended in disaster. To start with, the P. A. was not turned on for the first four bands, so the sound was unbearable. Out was first and they reminded me of a mixture of old punk and AC/DC. Not a bad first all-ages show. Amaroq was second and they had a very difficult time. I will be the first to admit that this show was not good for them.

The third band was Pale Blue Star. PBS played very well. I had never liked the band until this show and now I am looking forward to seeing them again. Hedge was fourth. Hedge rocked; I don't know any other way to say it. This band has spent the last couple of years cutting a name for themselves and I think they have finally come into their own. Hedge just released a single with Three Little Girls, which is. worth checking out. Metroschifter was next and their bassist was late. So Metroschifter had a very bad show and many kids went home brokenhearted.

Kinghorse headlined and when they say the Horse is back they mean it. A very tight comeback after the Grand disaster. The bouncers and some of the more infamous people around Louisville really clashed and a "riot" soon followed I guess punk kids and bouncers just don't mix! I doubt the Thunderdome will do that again.

What a sad ending to a great label. Goodbye Slamdek.

Shakin Sheila released a compilation called conspiracy 8a, which includes many local bands. A very nice compilation, worth having.

Litmus released a tape which is a great first effort. Ah, if I was only sixteen again.

Well, I suppose that is about all for this month's report. If you have any local news please mail it to: Duncan Barlow, P. O. Box 5159, Louisville, KY 40205.