Recording Reviews

Doggone Country (CMH)
Various Artists

By Berk Bryant

A CD, 14 dog tunes. I'll bet it seemed like a good idea at the time. I have nothing against dogs -- I love dogs -- however, for my part, this is just a little too much, too doggone much for one sitting.

There are many great old country dog songs here and a few I was not familiar with. There is quite an array of old timers here. Some of the titles are "Where Has My Little Dog Gone" (Hoosier Hot Shots), "Old Rattler" (Grandpa Jones), "Dad Gave My Dog Away" (T. Texas Tyler), "Old Shep" (The Stonemans), "Bull Dog Down In Tennessee" and so forth.

This left me a little bit dogged, and I think in this case it might be good to let sleeping dogs lie. A few of these extracted, OK, but all in one pound, uh, CD. It's up to you; if you want to take in a few good dogs, a portion of the proceeds from this CD will benefit the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.