Earl's Pearls

By EarI Meyers, Co-ordinator Louisville Workshop, NSAI

"I should be able to play this game. It is so simple," scoffed the lady lawyer taking a beginning golf lesson from the pro.

James Dean Hicks, writer of "Jesus and Mama," was comparing another occupation that requires years to become a master of and pointing out that it's unrealistic for a songwriter to assume he or she wilI have a hit the first few times out. James was giving songwriters advice at the November 12 LASC Hit Makers '94 Seminar — and, I might add, a very beneficial seminar — represented well by professionals in the music business.

I've hit that little 1% white dimpled ball into the water, woods and sand traps enough to know that it takes pro lessons, loads of practice, every club in your bag of tricks and all the luck you can muster to beat out the competition on a given day. I'm by no means a pro, but I did chip in a 60-footer once.

Like I said, you need luck to go with the rest of the game and practice and lessons and, like songwriting, it may help to have some humility and patience.