different isn't always good

George Ducas (Liberry)
George Ducas

By Michael W. Stout

Have you ever listened to a CD that just set the world on fire? Well, don't expect that when you listen to George Ducas' debut effort. George Ducas is one album that doesn't even go beyond striking the match.

George Ducas

Ducas has a rockabilly-ballad style that is different from any other you've ever heard. Being different and having a unique style can be a real driving force in the success of an artist, but if it is too different, it can drive you in the opposite direction. This album is a little too far on the wrong side of different.

At times, Ducas sounds like a Dwight Yoakam or Marty Stuart wannabe who has not quite mastered the sound of either. He co-wrote all ten tracks on the album; unfortunately, all are sung and played quite the same. It is almost monotonous enough to make you wonder if all the songs have the same melody, with an occasional different lyric thrown in here or there.

If you are patient enough to press the play button and give this CD a second or third listen, you'll find that a few songs start to grow on you. These songs include the first single, "Lipstick Promises," "Shame On Me," and the best tune here "Teardrops" — co-written with Terry McBride.