political and potent

Jerry Richards (self-produced)
Jerry Richards

By Michael w. Stout

Jerry Richards' self-titled EP is an obvious labor of love, the work of a man who has lived, loved, lost, been around the block a time or two. and is not afraid to speak his mind. Richards wrote the music to all six songs on this project and co-wrote the lyrics with Rick Cruse. He avidly expresses his views on love, life. society and politics in a very deep ,cutting and convincing way — with a 7l0's rock feel.

"Living Out a Dream," which won the 1994 RROTE Awards for Best Song and Best Concept or Storyline Video, is a haunting chronicle of a musician's rise to the top — from playing clubs and one-night stands to number one records. "Yeah, the road is long, he's running behind/He wonders when he leaves, will they remember his name/He's just living out a dream."

"I Guess I Wasn't So Smart" is a grim realization of, and strong regret for, the loss of love. "When it starts to feel real good, it's time to let go/Love can break you down, it will tear your world apart/And now that you're gone,1 guess I wasn't so smart."

"Shut The House Down"is sure to strike a nerve, with its strong issues of social and political crime. Preachers "promising young girls heaven for a little ecstasy."

Shut the church house down. "Teachers in the courtrooms charged with molestation" get their hands slapped and are sent back to ruin more lives. Shut the school house down. "One thousand people on the White House lawn .., trying to change the way it's done/They won'! answer our questions, they lock the chamber doors." Shut the White House down.