Songwriting Contests

The Virginia Organization of Composers and Lyricists has announced their 1995 Annual Song Contest. Deadline is March 31, 1995.

The Grand Prize is $500 for 1st Place Overall, $100 2nd Place Overall and $50 for 3rd Place Overall. The Category Winners' prizes are $20 for 1st Place, $10 for 2nd Place and a VOCAL T-Shirt, 6 months subscription to the VOCAL Newsletter and a Certificate of Merit for 3rd place.

VOCAL is also staging a lyric competition, with a $100 1st Place prize and $50 2nd Place prize. All overall and Lyric Competition winners will receive a T-shirt, subscription and Certificate of Merit as well.

The entry fee is $10 per song, plus $10 more if you want judges feedback. For more information and entry forms, write VOCAL, P. O. Box 2438, Petersburg, VA 23804.

The Chris Austin Songwriting Contest is also open for entries. Deadline is March 18, 1995 and fees are $25 per song. There are four categories: Bluegrass, Gospel, Country and General. For more information, write The Chris Austin Songwriting Contest, POB 121855, Nashville, TN 37203 or call 800-799-3838.

The West Texas Songwriter Association's Song Search '95 is open for entries. Deadline is May 1, 1995. Prizes are: $100 for 1st Place, $50 for 2nd and a WTSA membership for 3rd Place, The entry fee is $15 for the first song and $10 for each song thereafter. For information and entry forms, write WTSA, 1605 Delmar, Midland, TX 79703 or call 915-689-0213.