All Ages Scene

By Duncan Barlow

February through April have been relatively generous months for the all-ages music scene. In this month alone we have seen releases by Enkindel, Falling Forward and Endpoint.

As far as the concert scene goes, all is going well. On April 8 Guilt and Starbilly played a show at the Grand in New Albany. The show was as close to a disaster as one could get. There were five fights among the crowd. The bands were charged $500 for security that never showed up; kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it?

The security would not have been needed had it not been for the St. Francis battle of the bands that took place there a few weeks earlier. Evergreen caused quite a problem when they refused to stop playing after being asked to quit. The police waited outside to catch the band for public intoxication. To be honest, I think Evergreen is a great bunch of people. But when other local bands have to suffer for their good time, something should be changed.

Kinghorse returned on April 22. The show began with Roosevelt's Inaugural Parade, from Detroit. R.I.P. played a good set; a little tense, but good. This summer they will be releasing a record on Initial which was recorded at Louisville's D.S.L. studios.

The second band of the evening, Kerosene 454, blew almost everyone away with their total tightness and uniqueness. Enkindel followed and let everyone know exactly who has stuck with Louisville through all of the band breakups. In my eyes, Endkindel won best band of the night. They really got the crowd worked up.

Kinghorse closed the evening. Beginning with a rough takeoff (they butchered the first three songs), Kinghorse pulled the reigns and worked through their sound problems. I honestly don't know how I feel about this new lineup; I do know I hated it when I first heard about it. But after seeing them I felt like I was eighteen again, and that was not so bad.

Avail will be playing here April 29 at the Grand.

Synapsis, an E'town group, opened for Starbilly and Guilt when the Web canceled. E-town has a growing scene that has begun to do shows; perhaps you have seen some of these people running around at shows? This is a scene that has had to work hard for what they have, and I admire that.

Perhaps Louisville should also have to work hard. The bands have gotten lazy and allow places like the Grand to take too much money. We are all guilty, but I think some of the bands have learned. I do not think that it was fair for Enkindel to get $150 when 600 or more people paid to enter.

Thank you. Sorry for the brief article, but it is finals week and this boy's mind is cluttered!