top-notch Christian dance music

N-Soul Sampler (N-Soul Records)
various artists

By Robert Gruber

Fans of house, rave, rap, etc., will want this now. The N-Soul Sampler is a continuous 75-minute mix of some of the coolest dance music on the market, a party waiting to happen. Best of all, it's cheap — the CD is $4. 99, the cassette $2. 99.

The sampler is produced by mixmaster deluxe D. J. Scott Blackwell, head of N-Soul Records. Included in this mix are Rhythm Saints, World Wide Message Tribe, Raving Loonatics, Private Boiz, Prophecy of P. A. N. I. C. , Sozo (featuring ex-Newsboy Corey Pryor), a couple of selections from Nitro Praise and more.

Scott Blackwell is tops at this sort of production. Before dedicating his life to the Lord, Blackwell served as D. J. in some of New York City's hottest clubs. Most recently, he's done remix EPs for D.C. Talk, Code of Ethics and Audio Adrenaline. He also hosts a weekend dance radio show (that airs locally on WJYL FM 88. 3/104. 7 Saturdays at 10 p. m. ).

The bass is bumpin', the beats are dope, the message is positive and the music is nonstop —the N-Soul Sampler is the bargain of the century. Snatch it up at your nearest Christian bookstore. Don't be afraid to go in there, this is too good!