The All Ages Beat

By Duncan Barlow

Louisville is beginning to live again! Well, at least bands have been working on new projects.

Gordon's Iguana and Blindive just released a split seven-inch on Shakin' Sheila Recordings. I have never met the people from Shakin' Sheila, but it's very refreshing to have such a new label put forth such an effort. I was a bit more interested in hearing Blindive than I was in hearing Gordon's Iguana, but after I listened to the record I found the latter of the two more interesting.

Blindive put forth a nice effort, with a contemporary guitar rock sound, straying from the beaten path with off-notes and not-so-average drum patterns. Vocally, I see this band scoring along the ranks of many popular rock bands, like Silver Chair.

Gordon's Iguana surprised me for two reasons, the first reason being that the cover has a person lying on a couch in what appears to be a drunken stupor. Typically, a cover like this does not interest me. I would have to give Blindive more credit with their layout concept, which was different angles of a dashboard. The second reason I was skeptical of Gordon's Iguana was that I had pegged them asjust a rock band. This record shows quite a bit of potential for the band. The song "Sofa" reminds me of Oblong Box, a band that existed in the early nineties.

Another intriguing release from Shakin' Sheila: Death Metal. This band is often considered close to punk rock, so for that simple fact I see no problem in reviewing it.

Mindstorm, a death metal band from Louisville, just released a tape called Systematic Decline. This record follows the formula for death metal very closely. This was produced by the group and really does not sound so bad. It sounds to me like they used digital guitar effects, which kills their heaviness some, but if you are into bands like Terrorizer, you might just enjoy this. Look forward to hearing more from this.

My Own Victim has just released a new record on Century Media, a major label which specializes in heavy metal and death metal. To put it in plain English, this record rocks and rolls like so few Louisville — especially south end — bands do. This band deserves every good thing that comes to them. For all you people who listen to bands like Killing Time and Sick of It All, this record is highly recommended for you. Heavy, pounding rhythms, painful, distorted vocals and integ rhythms make this a great record. It even has a Black Flag cover on it.

Guilt will be playing at ear X-tacy on Halloween night for free. The band will release the latest record, called Bardstown Ugly Box.

Wino and Litmus played at Ground Zero on October 8. Litmus sounded very good. I noticed quite an improvement in their songwriting. Wino played their usually entertaining set. Wino is really beginning to gain popularity and it is well deserved.

Starbilly and Hedge played at the Q-Too birthday party. I missed Hedge and only caught Starbilly. Starbilly played a tight set as,, usual; what else can I say? Starbilly is a great band. This year's birthday party left something to be desired. I do not really know what to make of Q-Too; they just cut Sell Out Louisville Style and the Local Music Show. I find that to be odd from a station that brags about their local support. Whether or not you like local music you should voice your opinion about this issue. If local bands are denied airplay it is a great injustice. I do not know what Rick Jamie, the new programmer, has in mind, but I hope he realizes how strong local support is in this city. After all, Led Zeppelin is not around anymore, and Green Day is in California.

Four Rose Society opened for Kerosene 454 at Ground Zero, on week day matinee. I think that Four Rose Society is coming along very well. These guys are really into the punk ethic and unlike many punk bands that preach it and do not practice it, Four Rose does. I see them supporting most of the local bands.

Fugazi played on October 7 at the Brewery,"and played very well. Fugazi is the kind of band that seems local even though they are from Washington, D. C. Many people are skeptical of Fugazi because they won't play all old songs. Then again l suppose most people are against progression. Some people bought tickets thinking that Guilt was playing the show. Fugazi called a week before the show and announced their opening bands, so Guilt was not allowed to open. Both Spotlight Productions and Guilt would like to apologize for any mix-up that may have occurred.

Finally, Gwar and Neurosis will be performing at the Brewery on November 1. If you have not seen or heard Neurosis, I recommend you buy a ticket.

That is all for this month. Keep your eyes open for: SlamdekA to Z, a new Metroshifter LP, an Enkindel and Empathy split seveniinch, a Blangk seveninch, a new thought caste magazine, a new Highland Lowlife Magazine, Astrophil Press and the new Guilt record.

Thank you for reading and may all of your days be filled with rock!