another British Invasion?

(What's the Story) Morning Glory? (Epic)

By Gary Savelson

Manchester, England's Oasis slams us with another record on the heels of their two hits "Supersonic" and "Live Forever" from Definitely Maybe (1994). (What's the Stoty) Morning Glory? is a more mature effort that incorporates soul-mesmerizing strings. The mastermind behind much of the songwriting on this LP is guitarist/ co-producer Noel Gallagher. Brother and vocalist Liam Gallagher does his best John Lennon, making the band sound like the Beatles on many a song. There are really some raw moments on this release in between the mass dosage of reverb on the vocals, guitars, drums — pretty much the whole album.

Recently, Oasis and the other British bands (Bush excluded) appear to be on a nostalgic binge, recycling the Beatles and Stones. Who can blame them, these were two of the most influential rock bands ever — plus, they are from England. Role models for the youth, no? The New Music Express and Melody Maker have more expertise in evaluating British pop and deep in their hearts the NME and MM are proud of their new found litter (Oasis, Blur, Stone Roses, Bush, Radiohead, Elastica, Pulp, etc.), which is orchestrating a vast movement against the American rock scene.

(What's the Story) Morning Glory? should conquer the British and American new music charts with its single "Morning Glory" and "Roll With It" (the latter similar to early Beatles, quite melodic). Hopefully, new music lovers can be exposed to the dazzling maturity and stupendous production of the melancholic "Wonderwall" and "Cast No Shadow." You are rewarded with the presence of Paul Weller's guitar and back-up vocals at the close of the record on the slow rocker "Champagne Supernova."