sound & fury, signifying nothing

Nemisisters (Reprise)
Babes in Toyland

By Kory Wilcoxsbon

There is no toying around with these babes — they are mean, vicious and as rough as they come, with music to match.

Unfortunately, that does not mean that the music is good, or even enjoyable. In fact, there is little to like on this disappointing album.

As headstrong as the music sounds, the female trio's attention seems diverted for some reason and few of the songs are given the kind of energy one would expect.

The original material is only average, never really developing into the type of songs that could give the band any identity. Nothing here says, "We are Babes in Toyland, so f— off." That is what is expected but not delivered.

The few moments of enjoyment come from two unlikely covers. The first is a complete trashing of Eric Carmen's "All By Myself" by lead singer Kat Bjelland, who sounds like she is getting her tail stepped on. The other is a raucous "We Are Family," the old Sister Sledge hit. Only here do the Babes display the kind of energy we've hoped for over the first 13 songs.