skillz underneath the ugliness

Ruff, Rugged and Raw (Big Beat)
Double X

By Kory Wilcoxson

If you are good at forgivenesss, Double X might stand a chance.

What's to forgive? The attitude is a good place to start. One track, "F.F.F.F. (Find 'em, Feel 'em, F—'em and Forget 'em)" should give you a good idea about where women stand on rappers BK and Sugar Ray's priority chart.

The brothers should also beg mercy for their unoriginal rhymes and noticeable lack of chemistry. If you can get past that, Double X shows a lot of potential.

BK and Sugar Ray have potent delivery styles, slammin' each line into your head with enough power to match the bass-heavy beats. The title track kicks off the album with a good demonstration of their abilities as the duo tag-teams the microphone like Hulk Hogans.

So they don't have the conscience of Arrested Development, the writing ability of Ice Cube or the interplay of Run-DMC? They do have the skills and that should carry them far, no matter what they are saying.