starts bold, finishes flat

My Wild Life (Zero Hour)

By Kory Wilcoxson

With a promising start to My Wild Life, Grover shows signs of being not just another female-fronted band. But hopes fade after a few songs, and Grover's enduring qualities go with them.

The album kicks off with "Yeah, I'm Dumb," a single that has been getting fairly decent airplay. Like most of the band's songs, it is dominated by Angie Carson's heavy guitar and ethereal lyrics.

The following tunes, "Hole in my Eye" and "Bend," are strong footsteps to the title track, a rollicking romp in which the band's songwriting comes together in a tight, catchy tune.

Unfortunately, it is all downhill on a ten-speed from there. The songs begin to lose structure until the group seems to be wandering. There's a little redemption in "Parachute," but by the time you get to that track, you have given up hope that the band will replicate the success of the first songs.