Local Releases

Gary Brewer Gary Brewer Guitar

Label: Copper Creek.

Format: cassette, CD.

Availability: Gary Brewer performances; Copper Creek Records, P.O. Box 3161, Roanoke, VA 24015.

Info: 502-448-9107.

Misha Feigin Spontaneous Folks' Music

Label: Spontaneous Folks' Records.

Format: cassette.

Availability: Album release party Oct. 7, 9:30 p.m., Twice Told Coffeehouse; ear X-tacy; Hawley Cooke; Twice Told; Blue Moon.

Info: Spontaneous Folks' Records, P.O. Box 4973, Louisville, KY 40204.

Kentucky Sisters Kentucky Sisters

Format: cassette, CD.

Info: 502-922-4640.

Metro Blues All-Stars Hillbilly Nation

Label: Loose Canons.

Format: cassette, CD.

Availability: ear X-tacy, Disc Jockey, Hawley Cooke, Carmichael's.

Info: 502-584-1810.

Dick Sisto: American Love Song

Label: Jazzen.

Format: CD.

Availability: ear X-tacy, Hawley-Cooke.

Info: 812-923-7297.

Uncle Pecos Uncle Pecos

Label: Music Man Records.

Format: cassette.

Availability: Uncle Pecos performances.

Info: 606-336-9839.

Yer Girlfriend Not Afraid To Love

Label: Esther Records.

Format: cassette, CD.

Availability: Album release party Oct. 21, 8 p.m., the Cherokee, 1047 Bardstown Rd.



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