Newsical Notes

By Jean Metcalfe

Belated congratulations to Doc and Mary Dockery on the birth of their daughter, Sadie Rose. On Oct. 2 the Dockery family, which also includes Sadie Rose's big sister Laura Catherine, 6, will celebrate the infant's five-month anniversary.

On Sept. 15 I departed an hour early from the international headquarters of LMN/LASC (hey, if Louisville's got an international airport then we have an international headquarters; we get stuff from outside the states) to drop in on an old songwriter friend, "Papa" Gene Adams, and his wife, Jeanie, out on Blue Lick Rd. Papa has for many years suffered the ravages of exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. And he's done an admirable job of toughing it out when a lesser person would have hung it up.

I had promised the Adams family I'd stay only a couple of minutes, but I didn't keep my promise. Where did the time go? Arrived at "Jazz at the Zoo" just in time to miss Gary Falk's performance with Gayle King and Indigo. (Catch you again soon, Gary. And thanks for duplicating those copies of Gene's song "A Ship Soon to Sail." Now if we can just get it to Vince Gill and help the hapless singer get himself another Grammy. . . .)

Meanwhile back at the Adams' ranch house, Gene and Jeanie related that they were moving back home to Letcher County at the end of September to live near their three children in a nice, new house their son Frank is building for them. They're hoping the good old hometown atmosphere will get Papa back on his feet.

Our very best wishes to all of you Adamses from all us LASCers who recall the Oak Street Squallers, Christmas caroling, television appearances, TV tapings at EKU, and so many other precious memories.

While I was sneaking out of the office early, the Co-op's long-suffering prez (how'd you like to log in almost 700 contest songs, help judge the contest, be prevented from entering the contest, etc.?) was hurtling toward Cumberland Lake for a lazy weekend on a houseboat with his wife, Beth, and three other couples. Although the weather was lousy their first full day out, the nautical nabobs did manage to get in some reading, music, and swimming.

Revisiting the Dockerys for a moment, it was good to see Doc at the (slim) picking session on Sept. 18. (Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to take Labor Day off.) The evening kicked off (gingerly began) with only first-time visitor Steven Bond (who brought along his first guitar, which he's been playing just since February), Prez Paul and yer loyal scribe present. And mighty lonesome it was, too. Shortly, new board member (congrats!) Jeff Poole came in lugging his Guild and shortly after Doc brought in Mary's acoustic and a really nice jam ensued. Sorry you missed it; we missed you.

Doc is eagerly awaiting the completion of the album he has in the works in England. It contains two Gene Adams songs which Doc helped co-write. Papa/Doc. How very literary.

New member Mike Cantwell, from Salisbury, Md., sent us a nice flyer telling a little bit about himself, including the fact that he has a home recording studio in Salisbury. Anyone wanting to get in touch with Mike can write him at P.O. Box 1240, Salisbury, MD 21802-1240, or call him (H) 410-543-2445; (W) 410-548/5515 Ext. 5514.

Mike is currently writing positive lyrics with universal appeal in a take charge/control of your life attitude; written in the here and now. He's seeking to collaborate, record and market original material for profit and to pitch to recording artists.

Welcome, Mike!

And speaking of recording studios, the Sept. 18 meeting was a great opportunity for networking. Both Jeff Poole and Doc Dockery have home recording studios and are anxious to help struggling songwriters with their demos for a very reasonable charge. The cards flew. (And I'm not referring to how the local college team recently bested their arch rival.)

Had a recent phone call from LASC friend Karen LeVan (the Co-op's Perle Mesta, who hosted great Christmas parties; we miss her) who now lives in Nashville and just recently signed on to write for and market a Christian publication for youth. She provided an interesting account of her first interview. (I can relate, Karen. If at first you don't succeed . . . .)

Karen is one of the most resilient people I have ever known. Resilient with a big smile.

The LASC was well represented in the Women Songwriters concert held at the Bardstown Road Presbyterian Church's CoffeeStop on Sept. 17. Of the four songwriters featured, three are Co-op members: Marie Augustine, Linda Stone Cushing (Gower) and Linny Simpkin. Marie's daughter, Michelle Gossman, rounded out the bill. The concert was one in a series of monthly musical events at the coffeehouse sponsored by the Highland Community Ministries. Look for a review of the event in this issue of LMN.

Whilst wrapping up a little last-minute LMN business on Sept. 23, my husband and I got a kick out of hearing the words "what do you see in me?" from a familiar original song wafting through the crisp autumn night and into our auto. A quick glance out the window confirmed that it was our talented LASCers Grace Delligatti and Paul Dell Aquila (a.k.a. Another Colour) presenting their original tunes at the Original Highlands Fall Fest. Although bone tired, we momentarily thought of looking for a parking spot, but our grey matter told us to continue on our way home.

Send us your news. We want to know what's happening with our members.