Wants to hear from 'ole time country music stars'

A few lines to let you know we're having some amazing results programming traditional country, bluegrass and country-gospel music, mixed in with some of the new country.

We've penetrated heavily into the Pittsburgh-Wheeling, West Va., market place.

We'd like to hear from the ole time country music stars. We will be glad to give them "on the air" interviews and would appreciate autographed photos so we can place on the walls at WKZV, plus we need their old and new record releases in all formats.

We would also love to get "station breaks" from the various country, bluegrass and country-gospel artists.

Traditional country music is making a comeback and we're proud to be part of that trend.

Kindest regards,

Mike Panjuscek

Vice-President / General Manager

WKZV 1110 AM

80 East Chestnut Street

Washington, PA 15301

(412) 228-6678