Callin' All Dogs (Safe House Records)

By Darrell Ray Elmore

This disk is a vast improvement over Bodeco's first record, Bone, Hair, and Hide. Anyone who digs the root-rock, rockabilly/ blues infusion that is Bodeco's trademark will dig this platter, especially laid-back-yet-forward-driven cuts like "Crazy Sexy Baby" and "Wicked Mean & Evil." Rumor has it that several songs will be featured as part of the soundtrack in a James Coburn / John Cusack Hollywood movie due this fall. The production value of the record is' excellent; the recording is clear as a bell.

Bonus: Wink O'Bannon, who is no longer playing primary guitar with the band, is here in all his glory. Just another example of Louisville syndrome ... that is, when a band finally gets things in good order they break up or fire someone. Oh well.

Double Bonus: Local musician Michael Murphy appears on the record playing his tenor saxophone, and local vocalist Tanita Gaines lends her talents as well.

Buy it. Now.