a question about the singer

Naked and S0 ... (Hey Bra Records)

Flat Mass

By Kory Wilcoxson

Flat Mass is a good example of the individual parts of a band being good, but the sum adding up to less than expected.

There is no questioning the musicianship of the band: The trio of Jason Weisenburg, Chris Greenwell and Jeff Curnutt have their ducks in a row and register, song after song, high on the energy meter.

However, the approach taken by Weisenburg to the vocals is not a compatible fit with their style of music and too many of the songs come across as square pegs in round holes.

Weisenburg seems to think that every song should be given go-for-broke emotional treatment, but Flat Mass' understated style of music would be better suited to a more restrained reading of the lyrics.

Give the guys credit for their sense of adventure, though. Rather than an album full of four-minute songs, the trio marches differently, including the nine-minute instrumental/nature tune "Ode to a Cave Cricket." There is enough variety on Naked to make it enjoyable, as long as you can deal with Weisenburg's singing. If you acquire that taste, the pleasure multiplies.