Rocking and Rolling With Little Richard!

By Wally Stewart

Most longtime fans of old-time rock and roll have know and loved "Miss Molly" for many years. When Little Richart struted onto the Cardinal stadium stage August 18, in a sequined white suit and shouted "Good Golly ...!," those years vanished and a long love fest reunion was jump-started.

This was the first night and the first "free" concert of this year's Kentucky State Fair but it felt like the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer was in your living room, entertaining you and a few thousand of your close friends.

He and his powerful eight-piece band roared through classic songs "Lucille," "Jenny, Jenny," "Tutti Frutti" and others. At 62, Little Richard may not employ all of yesterday's flamboyant moves but his remarkable keyboarding and mighty voice still bring magic (Hearing him makes you wonder what might happen if he had the right producer one more time.)

Kuttke Rucard atop his piano at the fair. Photo by Wally Stewart

This living legend showed continuous affection for the fans — teasing, using his trademark "Shut up," and three times bringing a dozen of them on stage to dance. As the band boogied on "Itsy Bitsy Spider," a 7-year-old boy and -girl hoofed on top of the grand piano.

The event concluded with a warp-speed version of "Long Tall Sally" that provided one last rocking celebration.

Little Richard has come a long way since his youth in Macon, Georgia, But the mutual love expressed this evening showed that he's still quite a peach.