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The Signs Are All There (Atlantic)

By Kory Wilcoxson

The first thing you notice when listening to Blameless is that nothing is really noticeable. Nothing about their music jumps out, grabs your earlobes and pulls your head against the speakers.

But after a few listens, something becomes apparent. Blameless plays what I call sneaky pop. After a while, you begin to realize how much you are listening to The Signs Are All There. They grow on you, sorta like a fungus.

This trio has an authentic rock sound, grabbing bits and pieces of grunge and power pop for good measure. The lead singer's voice isn't anything spectacular, and the songwriting is a notch below similar groups, like 7 Mary 3, but Blameless is hardly anything to sneeze at. When they do put a good song together, such as "Signs . . ." and "Digger," they do some major damage. Throw out a few duds like "So Debonair" and you have a solid album.