worthy of scorn, but why bother?

Red (Six Feet of Snow Music)
God Street Wine

By Kory Wilcoxson

There are several ways to take God Street Wine. You can like them for their freewheeling approach. You can scoff at them for being Grateful Dead wannabees. Or you can sneer at them for their tendency to ramble.

Red deserves a bit of all of the above. GSW obviously has fun with their music, never hesitating to run with a thought for a while, as on "Don't Tell God." At other times, their tendency to ramble aimlessly leaves you wanting to put a bullet in songs like "Maybe" and "RU4 Real?"

Red is the type of album you can put on and forget about easily. Only a few songs, like "Red and Milky White," stick out as memorable. Otherwise, GSW has made an album that is as forgettable as it is listenable.