high-octane Christian rock

Third Day (Reunion)
Third Day

By Robert Gruber

With a bold message and a no-nonsense Southern approach, Third Day offers up an unforgettable dose of high-octane Christian rock. Compared by some to Hootie, the Black Crowes and (more recently) Seven Mary Three, this Georgia quintet is passionate about God in an up-front manner, without one hint of cheese. Originally out on indie label GreyDot Records, this album has been remixed and regrooved for release into the mainstream, and features a guest dulcimer appearance by Rich Mullins on "Praise Song."

Lyricist and lead singer Mac Powell communicates with the fervor of a Pentecostal preacher on songs like "Holy Spirit," "Did You Mean It?" and "Mama." Just how serious he is about God is evident in the first track, "Consuming Fire": "Yes our God, He is a consuming fire/and the flames burn down deep in my soul . . . He reaches inside and He melts down this cold heart of stone." The bluesy, twin-guitar attack of Mark Lee and Brad Avery is thick and spirited, recalling classic '70s Southern rock, while drummer David Carr propels everyone along at a '90s pace. "Forever" sports a fresh, funky, radio-friendly groove, and the acoustic "Take My Life" is a sweet song of personal worship and submission.