dance first, listen later

Jumping in the House of God (Warner Alliance)
World Wide Message Tribe & Friends

By Kory Wilcoxson

Christian music is growing exponentially these days, and this represents one of the first techno-dance albums that mixes pounding beats with glorious praises.

The World Wide Message Tribe put in a memorable appearance at this year's Joy Jam festival, and Jumping does a fair job of catching the spirit displayed by the group.

The Tribe actually perform only six of the twelve tracks; the other half are done by "friends" of the band, such as Sani and Shine.

It is the Tribe's contribution that is the most memorable. The title track is almost singable, and "The Real Thing" continues the crazy mad thump that is the signature of the Tribe's music. Although the music is no doubt better for dancing than listening, it's nice to know that the Tribe can not only cut the rug, but they have something important to say, also.