Earl's Pearls

By Earl Meyers

I have the potent pen! Just ask special student speech therapist teacher Pat Taylor. She laughs and ribs me on occasion about borrowing a pencil from me last winter. I had warned her before she took notes during a planning meeting that I wasn't completely over a cold and that she might want to wash her hands after using the pencil just to be safe.

Well, she used the pencil and was absent the next two days with what she said was an awful cold.

Pat was caught like I sometimes get caught.

I have asked total strangers for paper or pencil and there have been times when an idea was lost for the lack of one or the other. My writing potency has continued to get stronger and one of the reasons is that I now keep the "P&P" or a pocket recorder at arm's length to ensure that great ideas do not slip away.

Earl Meyers is coordinator of the Louisville Workshop of the Nash ville Songwriters Association International.