a promising band snuffed

Example (550 Music/Epic)
For Squirrels A

By Kory Wilcoxson

Tragedy is never pretty, but it hurts even worse when it strikes someone in the peak of their existence, when they are just starting to tap their talents. Such is the case of For Squirrels, which lost its lead singer and bassist in a van crash recently, cutting short the career of a band that showed much promise with Example.

Several cuts on the album are radio ready. "Mighty K. C." features a sharp hook and sincere vocals, and "8:02 p. m."is a frenetic guitar orgy that pumps pure adrenaline.

Only at a few spots does the band falter. "Disenchanted" is an overly long song that does not really go anywhere, and "Stark Pretty's" edginess grates in comparison to tunes like "Orangeworker."

For Squirrels had a bright future as a band that played power pop at its strongest, letting the heavy guitars and strong vocals propel the music. Since life is not fair, we are left to listen to Example and ponder what if.