The All Ages Beat

By Duncan Barlow

Happy Holidays!

There was not much in the way of all-ages shows this month, and most of the shows that did take place were on Sundays at the Cherokee. I was unable to attend those shows due to prior work commitments, so an apology to all of the bands that played them.

The only show that I was able to attend this month was Enkindel, Elliot, and Castner at Ground Zero on Dec. 16. Castner opened, with a new lineup. The band had played one previous show, with a different lineup, which left listeners a bit dry. But the group refocused their energy and returned with a very intense set. They added a new vocalist and a new drummer. The music was very typical of Louisville hardcore, melodic to heavy riffs, with angry emotional vocals. This is a band that people will begin following soon.

Elliot played second and offered a pleasant surprise to the crowd. The group, which contains three of the five Falling Forward members adds Jay from Empathy / By the Grace of God to complete the four-piece outfit. The band's music leaves any Falling Forward traits far behind, and launches a full-throttle attack on the indie rock world. Keep your eyes on these fellas, there is no telling what they might do.

Enkindel played last and did a nice job. It was obvious that they were all a little tuckered out from the show they played in Indianapolis the night before. The most amazing thing about the show, which was organized by Mark Brickey (Enkindel) and Ed Lutz (Ground Zero), was that the admission was a toy for the homeless. This act once again illustrates the political and emotional value of the underground scene. I was also surprised at how many people brought very expensive toys!.

The best part of this month has been looking forward to the shows coming up:

Snapcase will be playing with Enkindel, and Despair at the Cherokee January 7.

The Young Pioneers, which contains members of Avail, Born Against, and Universal Order of Armageddon, will be playing with Four Rose Society, Action Patrol, and Church of Astronauts Dec. 27 at the Cherokee.

By the Grace of God will be playing with Lifetime and Damnation on Jan. l3 at the Cherokee.

And in February there will be a show with Four Rose Society, Union, Castner, and By the Grace of God. At this show people will receive a free seven-inch containing all the bands with admission!

The Slamdek A to Z book should be out by February, with a free CD included!

Lookout for releases from Enkindel, By the Grace of God, Elliot, Church of Astronauts, and The Amazing Chan Clan.

Also watch for fanzine releases from Highland Low Life, Thought Caste, Bipolar, Astrophil Press, and Fuse.

Well, the month has been a bit slow, which may be due to the holidays, but the spirit of the scene has seemed to rekindle a bit. Hopefully, the scene will be moving full force ahead soon!

Thanks for your time; have a great end of the year!