The Central Bluegrass Band (Independent)
The Central Bluegrass Band

By Bob Mitchell

This is a new local release containing 30 minutes of traditional bluegrass. I imagine it is the kind of music you would hear if you were sitting on their front porch.

The 10 songs are tried-and-true war horses. Vocals and instrumentals are tentative, probably because this is their first recording. Nevertheless, their music reflects a love of old.-time songs and sounds. The longer they stay together the better they will become, and the next recording could be a stronger representation of there talent and desire.

Since this is a new year, I suggest each reader make a resolution to attend at least one festival (more if possible and buy at least two bluegrass recordings by new artists. They deserve our support because they keep bluegrass alive.

You can obtain a tape and information about bookings by calling The Central Bluegrass Band at 606-261-3859.