Earl's Pearls

By Earl Meyers

Why did they pick on me? Any one of them could have done it. After all, it was their idea. Gardner Barger, Jean Metcalfe, Paul Moffett, Sammy Reid and Charlie Walls were sitting with me at Denny's Restaurant on Shelbyville Road in Louisville after an NSAI meeting when writing a songwriters' column for the newly-formed Louisville Music News came up. Before I could carve up a hot fudge cake covered with whipped cream (as I so often did after meetings), these guys and gal had planted the seed for the idea, named the writer and even came up with the title "Earl 's Pearls." l contemplated, felt somewhat honored, then accepted the challenge.

For those of you who wondered how this came about, now you know.

I first thought it would be dificult to find topics after doing the first dozen articles; quite the contrary. I have always had one or more articles available for any one month.

It's not only enjoyable to write, but rewarding to receive nice comments from readers who may or may not agree with my point of view. Sometimes, l touch on more than my point of view. I strive to find insight into being a better songwriter or topics that may be interesting to those persons who rely on the song in some way in their everyday life.

Just thought l would take time out to thank those readers who have stopped in and listened to me sound off in one or more of the 53 "Earl's Pearls" printed during the past six years.

(And we (hank you, Earl, for your gems.