career death blow

Ultraphobic (CMC International)

By Kory Wilcoxson

God bless those boys from Warrant. Even though 99 percent of the country thinks they broke up four years ago, they still churn out records like there is no tomorrow. Of course, if they keep putting out stuff like this, there most likely won't be.

In a desperate move to stay current, Warrant has changed its format from hard rockin' lite metal to something that sounds psuedo-alternative. They've ditched the overbearing guitars for a grungier sound, and songs like "Undertow" and "Crawlspace" are supposed to show off Warrant's new approach. The irony is that the songs fail to rock, something even the old Warrant could do. Now they just sound like a band past its prime.

We won't even get into the lame "High" or "Family Picnic." Both go nowhere fast. Only the last track, the soft, subtle "Stronger Now," gives us any glimpse that Warrant has something to offer. Other than that, in this dog-eat-dog world, Warrant is pretty much Alpo.