Fort Saint Metroschifter (Doghouse Records)

By Darrell Ray Elmore

Got the new Metroschifter CD in the mail today. This is always exciting, as I love keeping up with what's new in the world of graphic design. Metroschifter's tough-guy-punk-rock-role-model/ex-Slamdek Records owner/K. Composite publisher/ex-Sell-out Louisville radio show host K. Scott Ritcher (actually, on this CD, K. Scott has changed his moniker to "Scott N. Ritcher ... go figure) has always pushed the current typography technology (read: his Mac) to the furthest possible edge when it comes to layout and design. He uses all those cool 'cutting edge' fonts, groovy-neato pictures (usually featuring the girls of the Collegiate Field Hockey Team, which Slamdek sponsored for a while), and generally makes is packaging something to be proud of. I've I always found this interesting in a way, as it seems to me that Ritcher's attachment to the whole punk rock thing is in direct conflict with his efforts to make his products look so slick and commercial.

The music? Yeah, well, I don't know too much about this hard stuff, but it says here that "this album was recorded by Bob Weston (the real genius behind Shellac, Rachel's and Juliana-Hatfield)." And I always thought Steve Albini was the genius behind Shellac!

Actually, the music is pretty good ... the production is pristine, the lyrics border on "emo," and my only complaint is that the volume control on my Discman is busted and it plays all the songs real loud. I don't guess that's any fault of Metroschifter, though. Check 'em out on the World Wide Web at