Our New All-Ages columnist introduces himself

By Michael Huggions

The other day when Duncan told me that he was recommending me to continue his column, I was very pleased. I am very excited about having a chance to express my views on the scene. But before I do that I think I'll tell you all a little about myself.

I am nineteen years old and have lived in Louisville all of my life. I like living in Louisville, even though it can get a little boring sometimes. I'm preparing to enter my third year at the University of Louisville, I have not decided what I want to major in as of yet, however, I am leaning towards history and political science.

It was only four years ago that I started going to shows.

My first show was at the Enterprise, and the only band I remember that played was Concrete. In retrospect it wasn't that great of a show, but at the time I couldn't believe how amazing the music was. During these four years I have learned a lot. Not just about music, but also about people and politics. I have learned that there are other people who do not drink besides myself. I also discovered veganism and animal rights.

I am looking forward very much to writing this column. It will be an excellent opportunity for me to express my views on a major part of my life. In the next issue I will actually review a show.