a return to hard, fast roots

The Grey Race (Atlantic)

Bad Religion

By Sean Norris

Bad Religion's latest offering consists of more of the fast punk-rock that made them popular in the first place. Chock full of social commentary blended into thick walls of noise, this is a satisfying album for fans of Bad Religion, especially when compared to their folksy/psychedelic albums, such as Into the Unknown and Recipe of Hate.

The Gray Race continues to walk the path set by their 1987 album Suffer, that is. a return to their punk-rock roots. Although it is a bit slower and less hard-hitting than is their norm, it is still enjoyable as a punk record. In parts, it even reflects a form of ska in its harmonies, with occasional small hints of metal in the guitar work.

While this is hardly a phenomenal album, it is well worth a listen, particularly if you are a fan of the group or the genre.