All Ages

By Duncan Barlow

All things reel to an end, but like chapters in a novel, most endings create new beginnings. My time writing for Louisville Music News was perhaps one of my favorite things I have done in the past few years.

When the job began, I tried to keep in touch with as many bands and scene-related topics as possible. Now as I begin a new chapter in my life, I no longer have time to write, research, or see all of the all-age shows in Louisville.

Discussing the all-age scene in this publication is a very important and difficult job. Louisville Music News has a very wide distribution, and the all-age article is a perfect way to demonstrate exactly what the local scene is capable of.

Within the last year, the scene has seemed to travel many rough roads, from not having a regular club to play shows, to local bands talking poorly about other local bands in publications. The very essence of the scene, some sense of unity or connection, seemed to be falling apart. But as the seasons fall away, things seem to be improving.

I personally feel that I can no longer represent the scene with a positive, untainted view, so now I must discontinue writing on the behalf of the scene. I thought long and hard about who should replace me. I have recommended Mike Huggins from Castner, because he is well educated and has a positive, caring attitude about the music scene.

I thank everyone for reading the article, and for supporting the scene. With that out of the way, I will now discuss the few scene-related items that I was able to witness.

Gordon's Iguana released a CD entitled "Lemonmelberlime." It is slightly similar to the music on the split with Blindive, except it is more thorough. The music at times takes on a funk aspect that doesn't actually do too much for me, but it's so slight that it is easily overlooked. A slick production with enough roughness to keep it "underground" sounding. If you are into local rock, this should do the trick. They litter the layout (again) with beer bottles. Either they are making a statement about recycling, or they like beer.

Cleveland Steamer, a band from the other side of the river, has released a demo tape. I think this might make them angry, but the tape reminds me of a hardcore Presidents of The United States. I hope to see them play a show because they are swell fellas, and the tape with all of its recording flaws is downright listenable.

Blangk is preparing to disband, so give them a large kiss when you see them. Blangk has tried very hard, and, unfortunately, they never received the respect that they deserved.

Planet Louisville ( is still looking for people to tune in. Metroschifter is going to tour this summer, keep an eye on Planet Louisville for dates. Enkindel and Guilt leave on the 27th for a tour of the east/north/south. By The Grace Of God just released a CD/7" on Victory records. Kiwi has been playing around quite a bit. They should be recording a demo within the next few months. My Own Victim will be returning to Louisville soon after their three-month jaunt of Europe. See My Own Victim, Guilt, and Enkindel on June 21. Snapcase will playing here on June 30 with Elliot, Refused, and Madison.

Well, that's all for me. I hope you enjoy the paper every month, because everyone involved cares about the local music scene.

Michael, I hope all goes well for you.

Thank you all for your support. As Mark from Enkindel would say, "I'll see you in da' pit," but I will actually be standing to the side of it – I'm getting old.