Anson and the Rockets featuring Sam Meyers Home Again at Jim Porter's

By Laura Chadwick

Anson Funderburgh and the Rockets featuring Sam Meyers have been to Jim Porter's Goodtime Emporium before, so when they are scheduled to appear, they are sure to have a receptive audience. For that reason, the Dallas, Tex., band likes performing in Louisville's and specifically at Jim Porter's.

Anson Funderburgh grew up listening to country and western musicians like Buck Owens, Ernest Tubb and George Jones. The first time he heard the blues, however, he knew it was his music.

Formed in 1978, the Rockets have undergone several member changes, for example replacing original singer Darrell Nullich with Sam Meyers. Each change has broadened the scope and flavor of their music.

At Porter's, Funderburgh and Rockets warmed the crowd up before Meyers came on.. When Mr. Sam Meyers came out and took the microphone, those soulful Texas blues flowed over the room, engulfing the audience in sweet sadness. It was what they came for and they were not disappointed.

Touring in support of their new Blacktop CD, Live at the Grand Emporium, Anson Funderburgh and the Rockets featuring Sam Meyers came to the right place. Many CDs left Porter's in pockets and purses and, no doubt, more were sold in the following days.