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Almost Noah (Almost Noah inc.)

Almost Noah

By Mark Clark

If you're searching for great music, important music, music which will reveal, life's hidden meanings and change the way you view the world, then keep on searching. '"On the other-hand, if you're looking for a fun little record, hey, you could do a lot worse than this little gem from; Louisville-'s own Almost Noah.

High art? Not a chance. But Almost Noah can hook you up if you like straightforward, hook-driven power-pop. Think Stone Temple Pilots and you're on the right track. (Hey, I like STP! You wannamake something of it?)

Almost Noah got yer chugging; crank-up-the-amps riff rockers ("Tuna,""Unfair"). They got little ballads with' choruses that make you wanna sing ("Crystal Houses"). They got a little of everything. They even got your marijuana homage ("Pot Logic'').

My favorites arc "Johnny Jump," which sounds like a lost Alice in Chains track, and "A Boy and His Dog," a vaguely funky ballad with a Chili Pepper-ish feel Then again, "Monkeys and Lizards"is a pretty good all-out rocker.

Heck, the whole record is pretty good.

For the record, Almost Noah is John Anderson, Kevin Garr, Donnie Highland Ion Paris and Ed Rodimel. Five guys who aren't trying to do anything they can't do trying to be anybody they're not. They're just five fellas who like to play and like to have fun. And it shows. And you have to love that vibe.