Letters To The Editor

In February's issue, our Down on the Corner columnist asked for suggestions on how to improve attendance at local music events. One cleverly written response follows:

Too Late and Too Loud

Neither of these points will do much to alleviate the valid problem of poor show attendance, but both are relevant.

Most club shows start too late and as a result run too late. I know it's the nature of the beast, but about the only people with a lifestyle that jibes with this pattern are other musicians. And not surprisingly, it's difficult to find a babysitter who doesn't mind staying up till 3 a.m. just so you can hang in with Bodeco.

And my other peeve is the loud music — NOT the bands, but the stuff the club pipes in before the show and between sets.

It's a given that certain types of shows are gonna be loud. Carrying on a normal conversation during such a performance is futile; this should not be the case when the band is not playing. After all, part of an enjoyable night of live music is the interaction with your guests/companions and with friends and acquaintances you 'run into.

Anyhow, keep up the good work and KEEP THE FAITH!

Richard M. Kem