Storyteller: Gwiian's Harp and other Celtic Tales (Celestial Harmonies)
Patrick Ball

By Bob Mitchell

Patrick Ball is an exceptional harpist and storyteller who should be designated as a national treasure. Past releases have been instrumentals featuring the ancient brass-strung harp as oppoosed to the nylon-strung harp, Persons who are not familiar with his work will get a taste of both talents in this recording. Six Irish tales lend themselves to musical accompaniment with the kind of word play that has always lightened and warmed the darkest night.

The album is sprinkled with humor and the occasional flute, uilleann pipes and fiddle, adeptly played by Timothy Britten and Martin Hayes.

Ball takes his audience through a wide array of emotions, a tour of Ireland, as it were. This is a tasteful blending of harp and voice … captivating and relaxing.

I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite, but "Gwilan's Harp" and "The Match Maker" are masterful. It is rumored that Turlough O'Carolan smiles each time Patrick plays. We are as lucky to live in his time as folks were to live in O'CaroIan's time.